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Books / Anthologies

From Hill to Sea: Dispatches from the Fife Psychogeographical Collective, 2010 - 2014 

Bread and Circuses Publishing (2015)


a fabulous evocation of exploring contested terrains and an inspirational handbook for anyone wanting to make their own psychogeography


Phil Smith - author of Mythogeography

a mash-up of genres: poetry, travelogue, essays, photographs and psychogeographical walking thoughts

Professor James D Sidaway - Psychogeography: Walking through strategy, nature and narrative

Language of Objects


Blind Roads Press (2017)

Text & Images: Murdo Eason

Sound: Brian Lavelle

Edition of 100 copies


LoOb-FrontCover (1).jpg

The texts that accompany these images are attempts to live up to the book title, to give voice to the objects Eason’s inquisitive eye falls on, to inhabit, for a moment and imperfectly, their ‘thingness’


Lavelle’s composition reflects the concern with ‘thisness’ and integration

Billy Mills - Poet and Critic


New Towns - An Anthology of Place Writing

Wild Pressed Books (2020)

New Towns  is an anthology of place writing edited by R.M. Francis.


I have an essay/memoir piece called I Remember Glenrothes (After Perec and Brainard) which includes: libraries, concrete, modernist buildings, hippos, henges and Billy Mackenzie.

Murdo NewTJPEG.jpg

Walking - An Anthology of Writing inspired by Walking and Listening
Sampson Low (2021)

My piece Loop-Walking (Fragment), an extract from a work in progress, is included in this anthology

Walking Anthology.webp

Let There Be Light

Random Spectacular / St Jude's (2023)

Let There Be Light, is a collaboration between artist Jonny Hannah, Murdo Eason and Gavin Parry, the outcome of a walking project in Hartlepool.  


Produced to coincide with two exhibitions by Jonny Hannah taking place at Hartlepool Art Gallery and The Museum of Hartlepool from 24th June 2023 until 4th November 2023.

This graphically rich, limited edition book features new work that Jonny has created in a number of different mediums, along with essays and photographs by Murdo and Gavin.

JH_COVER (1).webp
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